•  6/3/2023 09:08 PM
  •   350 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, USA

21+ Free

  •  6/10/2023 08:45 PM
  •   236 S Scott Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA

Elf Power adds a Tucson show on their "Artifical Countrysides" Tour, with support from us: Golden Boots. Athens, GA-based psychedelic folk band Elf Power is on tour in support of their first new album in more than five years, "Artificial Countrysides". Praised by Stereogum, Under The Radar and BrooklynVegan, who said “It finds their unique psychedelic pop/indie rock fusion sounding as great as ever,” the band’s 14th album in an almost 30-year career centers around the gray zones where the natural world collides with the creeping encroachment of the digital realm, where the balance between real and simulated can shift from one minute to the next. “That title also describes the songwriting process, of world-building or creating an artificial landscape within a song,” explains Rieger. Golden Boots, joined by Tristan Jemesk on drums and Clay Koweek on pedal steel, will be performing their last show until this fall. 21+ No cover, but we will be asking donations for the touring bands 🙂

  •  4/16/2023 06:52 PM
  •   Nantes, France
  •  4/15/2023 06:51 PM
  •   Morlaix, France
  •  4/13/2023 06:49 PM
  •   Laval, France
  •  4/12/2023 06:47 PM
  •   Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France
  •  4/11/2023 02:46 PM
  •   Paris, France
  •  4/10/2023 06:45 PM
  •   Metz, France
  •  4/9/2023 06:44 PM
  •   Sommerviller, France
  •  4/8/2023 06:43 PM
  •   Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland
  •  4/7/2023 06:36 PM
  •   Phalsbourg, France
  •  4/6/2023 06:04 PM
  •   Munich, Germany
  •  4/5/2023 06:04 PM
  •   Bad Kötzting, Germany
  •  4/4/2023 03:03 PM
  •   Stuttgart, Germany
  •  4/3/2023 06:02 PM
  •   Malching, Germany
  •  4/2/2023 06:01 PM
  •   Dresden, Germany
  •  4/1/2023 06:00 PM
  •   Wasserburg am Inn, Germany
  •  3/31/2023 06:58 PM
  •   Nürnberg, Germany
  •  3/29/2023 08:40 PM - 4/16/2023 11:50 PM

30.03 - Köln, DE ” 31.03 – Nürnberg, DE * 01.04 - Wasserburg am Inn, DE * 02.04 – Dresden, DE * 03.04 – Malching, DE * 04.04 – Stuttgart, DE * 05.04 – Bad Kötzting, DE* 06.04 – München, DE* 07.04 –Phalsbourg, FR ^ 08.04 – Freiburg im Breisgau, DE ^ 09.04 – Sommerville, FR ^ 10.04 – Metz, FR ^ 11.04 – Paris, FR ^ 12.04 – St Pierre des Corps, FR ^ 13.04 – Laval, FR^ 14.04 – Rennes, FR ^ 15.04 – Morliax, FR ^ 16.04 – Nantes, FR ^ “ w/ The Mañana People * w/ G.Rag/Zelig Implosion Deluxxe ^ w/ Thee Verduns

  •  3/21/2023 04:17 PM
  •   Tucson, AZ, USA

6-8pm background instrumentals w/ special guest Clay Koweek on pedal steel

  •  3/16/2023 07:00 PM
  •   311 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ 85701

tour send off show w/ Sad Reptilian

  •  2/24/2023 08:32 PM
  •   40 Brewery Ave, Bisbee, AZ 85603

w/ Horse Champ and MICTV

  •  2/17/2023 08:29 PM
  •   914 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA

w/ Gohne and Caleb Daily

  •  2/16/2023 07:00 PM
  •   350 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

w/ Natural Lite (NM)

10 Things to Know Before Visiting


Musis video by Golden Boots

music video by golden boots



golden boots at golden pins

Shot for "Far Afield" on Arizona Pubic Media. Golden Pins is now closed down, Golden Boots are not.

Hide And Run Music Video

video by Lonna Kelly

Boots Live at Owls Club - Tuscon USA

Prayin' Hands Live

filmed and edited by Bryn Heidenreich & Ed Arnaud w/ Tommy Larkins on drums


Golden Boots mit Ihrem Song Virginia bei den TRESOHR SESSIONS w/ tidypaws on sax


"Reach Of Children"

RVCA's welcome to surfer Ivy Thomas: Instrumental Boots with Tommy Larkins on percussion and tidy on synth... recorded at Waterworks West.

From the cassette tape wilds of downtown Tucson, Arizona: it's the Golden Boots!
Formed in 2002 by artists Ryen Eggleston and Dimitri Manos, Golden Boots’ music is a lo-fi and often ragged take on folk and pop rock. The duo has been joined by many contributors over the years, which has created a charismatic diversity in performances and recordings. The common thread among all Golden Boots’ output is their desire to playfully deconstruct American roots music with indie and punk-country spirit.

The newest Golden Boots album is called Liquid Ranch: 
"Liquid Ranch is a culmination of the lived-in Golden Boots aesthetic: a blending the late 80’s/90’s lo-fi movement and cassette culture with elements of 70’s country. Replete with with hooks, rough hewn harmonies, the songs of Liquid Ranch are set loose to lurch and ramble in a unique sonic landscape littered with the absurd & sometimes dark wreckage of the American Psyche."

Golden Boots has played in the USA, Mexico, France, Germany, UK and Belgium. Over the years they've shared the stage with such wonderful acts as: Television Personalities, The Chills, Calvin Johnson, Jeffery Lewis, Dirty Projectors, Little Wings, Cat Power, Magnolia Electric Co., The Microphones, LAKE, John Doe, Giant Sand, Poster Children, Greg Turner and Dr. Dog

In other people's words: 

"...appealing, low-fi indie rock that's been baked in the Southwest sun... overflowing with ramshackle charm" - Brooklyn Vegan

"There's stuff out there that not all eyes and radar detect. We have the Golden Boots for those very delicate needs." - Paste Magazine

"There’s an overused quote about Lambchop that calls them “Nashville’s most fucked-up country band”. Replace Nashville with Tucson, Arizona and you’ve got a working starting point for Golden Boots..." - Rosy Overdrive

"Southwesterners come off like spaced-out cowboys, lassoing bleeps and bloops and riding off on country deconstruction into some warped sunset" - Pop Matters

"With a sound that would fit well on a mixtape containing Alex Chilton, The Clean, Beck, Flying Burrito Brothers, The Meat Puppets, early Flaming Lips and the Monkees, Golden Boots have released a respected body of work" - It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

"shades of psychedelia...shot through with a dose of desert-fried country a la the Meat Puppets or Giant Sand." - Tucson Weekly

"lo-fi, shabby-chic, alt-country group...that sounds like Wilco stripped of the polish." - Williamette Weekly

"Golden Boots have an edgy feel, like Beck meets Tom Waits. The songs exude a raw sense of natural discovery evident both in the vocals and instrumentation. It's Impossible to describe the fantasy that animates their composition, arrangements and singing." - Abus Dangerouex Magazine

"Golden Boots...of the Brian Wilson Orchestral school of pop mutations and...the Beatles symphonic drug experiment." - Stranded In Stereo

Check out our releases at our bandcamp page 
About imageAbout image
If you're interested in booking Golden Boots for an event just drop us a line and let us know if you're looking for the long form background Golden Boots Instrumentals or just the regular Golden Boots.  

Golden Boots have toured the US, France and Germany as well as playing support for many local and regional music acts over the last 17 years. We play venues, backyards, basement, flat roof tops, bandshells... if its a somewhat flat surface: we'll play it.  

Golden Boots Instrumentals plays subdued down beat instrumentals perfect for drinking and conversation. We play up to 3 hrs. Instrumentals has played Phoenix Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Children's Museum Tucson, Crescent Ballroom, Agustin Kitchen, Westbound, Arizona State Museum, Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Downtown Clifton and many other places. Maybe we're the right fit for your next party?  

  • Tucson, Arizona, United States